Amazing high-speed photography of paint splashing into water

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Alberto Seveso is an Italian artist, born in Milan and based in Portoscuso, Sardinia.

He is famous for his photo series where he drops vsrious inks into water. His Behance projects received almost 1.5 million views.

In this new series, entitled “Dropping”, he dropped acrylic paint into water and captured the splashes above the water level. The result is astonishing, and at a first sight these pictures look like some piece of 3d art.

Website: Burdu976

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high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-1_580-0 high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-2_580-0
high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-3_580-0 high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-4_580-0
high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-5_580-0 high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-6_580-0
high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-7_580-0 high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-8_580-0
high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-9_580-0 high-speed-photos-of-paint-splashing-into-water-alberto-seveso-10_580-0

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