No, this is not an abandoned plane in the woods. Take a look inside, it’s just amazing… WOW!

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What would you think if during a walk in the woods you saw a Boeing 727 aircraft parked right in the middle of the forest?
That’s exactly what could happen to you if you walked somewhere in the middle of the Oregon woods. Engineer Bruce Campbell bought a retired Boeing 727 and converted it into his home. The purchase cost him $100,000 a few years ago, and the same amount of money was spent to move the aircraft to its current location.
Right now Bruce is still working to restore the interiors of the plane, to bring it back to its former glory.
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The plane exteriors.


The entrance. It looks quite cozy and warm.


Campbell didn’t turn the interior of the plane into a modern, stylish home. He preferred to leave part of the original equipment at its place.


The interior of the plane measures 1,066 sq ft (99 sq meters).


The cockpit.






The airplane still has its original bathrooms.




It looks amazing at night.

(image credits: John Brecher,
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