Affectionate Dog Tries To Pet All The Other Dogs At Doggy Day Care, And It’s Just Too Funny

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Petting dogs is one of life’s purest pleasures.

Whether you’re burying your hands in thickly coiled fur or letting your fingers slide down a floppy, silky-smooth ear, few things are as relaxing as a good cuddle session with a sweet dog.

And while we may think of dog-petting as a purely human hobby, it seems like even pups can appreciate the sweet joy of petting another dog.

At least, this little girl sure does:

Ruby goes to The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario, together with her brother Miles.

Ruby loves making friends with the other pups at the daycare, and she does it in a very specific way: she pets them!

Ruby’s adorable treatment of her fellow pups was captured on video by staff member Alanah Lorraine, and then posted to TikTok.

There, the clip quickly went viral as thousands of people enjoyed Ruby’s cute greetings.

Lorraine’s original post has over 150 thousand views on TikTok and The Den Doggy Daycare has reposted the video on their Instagram so even more people can enjoy the cute pup and her friends.

Ruby’s daycare pals look a little confused as they receive her very paws-on signs of affection, but patiently accept the pats all the same.

A little petting is never a bad idea, after all.

Ruby is so cute that we wouldn’t mind receiving a few pats ourselves, and we’re sure her playmates enjoy feeling so loved and appreciated.

Luckily, Ruby has her own Instagram so we can see more of this sweet little girl and the fun things she gets up to.

Now, check her out in action and get ready to smile:


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