Adorable Police Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

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Brody is a working dog who’s just starting his very important career as a K-9 police officer.

The sweet little pup has joined the police force in Bristol, Rhode Island, and was recently given a swearing-in ceremony to mark his new position.

The ceremony was broadcasted on the Bristol, R.I. Police Department Facebook page and has brightened the day of every viewer.

While little Brody is excited to be a K-9, he was less interested in the actual ceremony; in the video, the adorable pup is seen sleeping through the ceremony while his new partner, Officer Medeiros, serve as the sleepy pups stand-in.


Brody is part of a new initiative and he will be visiting schools and nursing homes and spending time connecting with the local community.

He’ll also be working alongside other officers and help comfort victims of crime.

With such an important and exciting job it’s no wonder that this little guy needs all the sleep he can get.


Brody managed to nap through the entirety of the ceremony and only woke up when it was time to pose for the camera with his new certificate and his partner.

The little pup still looked half-asleep but at least his partner had enough energy for two.

In the video, Police Chief Kevin Lynch speaks passionately about the furry little police pup and states that “He’s going to be a superstar for the town of Bristol. You can guarantee it.”

Not even these words of praise were enough to catch Brody’s attention, but we’re sure he’s used to being told what a good boy he is.


If Brody is even half as good at caring for people as he is at napping, he’ll definitely be a superstar in no-time.

The little guy seems to take any chance he can get to melt into a little sleepy, chocolate brown puddle.


Police Chief Lynch is sure that Brody will be a fantastic asset to the force.

Brody will not only comfort witnesses and victims of crime and ease their anxiety during police investigations, but he’ll hopefully become a bridge between the police and the local community and build a sense of trust and connectedness.


“We’re very excited for Brody to meet the people in our community and we’re very excited for him to meet the students in the Bristol-Warren Regional School District,” Medeiros said during the video.


The young pup has a great responsibility, but it’s clear that he’s up to the task.

With his gentle spirit and adorable appearance he exudes love and comfort, and even over Instagram, his beautiful eyes have a distinctly calming effect.


Little Brody may have slept through his ceremony, but he’s just saving his energy for all the important work he has ahead of him.

He’s such a good little boy and the people of Bristol, Rhode Island are lucky to have such an adorable and dedicated pup as a member of the local police.