Adorable Photo Series Shows The Bond Between Little Kids And Their Big Dogs

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Dogs, no matter what size and breed, always come with big hearts ready to unconditionally love the humans in their life. That being said, there should be no reason to fear big dogs.
The following images of children having the time of their lives with dogs definitely larger than them, will prove how the biggest breeds can be incredibly gentle giants. The photos below are all part of the book launched by photographer Andy Seliverstoff, entitled ‘Little Kids and Their Big Dogs’. It features 100 fascinating images of children playing with big dogs like Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers and more.
For years now, Seliverstoff has been working with dogs, and he’s been loving every moment of it. This year he included a 2019 Calendar among his projects, available on his website. Take a look at Seliverstoff’s adorable photo series showing the bond between little kids and their big dogs by scrolling down below.
Don’t forget to take a look at his Facebook, Instagram, and 500px to see more of his work.
(h/t: designyoutrust)