He Is Going To Abduct A Girl He Met On Facebook. Here’s What Happens When Her Parents Show Up

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Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook. It is a nice way to connect with people and share photos of your personal life with those you choose to befriend. It has helped many regain contact with each other and has been home to a lot of interesting and useful shared content. For all of that, we can be very thankful.

However, it also has a dark side we have to be very aware of. You can pretend to be anyone on the social media and, what is even worse, some teenagers let themselves taken in by this. As a result, many horrific things can happen. In the video below, YouTuber Coby Persin conducts a social experiment. With the agreement of the parents of three teenage girls, he creates a false Facebook account, pretending to be a 15 year old guy new in town, willing to meet them. They easily accept to see him and even give him their addresses. Their parents get shocked by them being so naive.

Take this as a life lesson, everyone. You never know who is actually hiding behind a Facebook image and what their true intentions are.
(h/t: diply.com)

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