A’ Design Awards & Competition: early call for entries

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A’Design Award and Competition, one of the most relevant and respected design contests in the world, has recently awarded its winners, but it’s already time to think to the next edition of the exhibition.

Every year they award the best designs in a wide range of categories, being a boost for the winners’ careers. Designers and artists can compete in categories like arts, crafts and ready made designphotography and photomanipulationgraphics and visual communication designpackaging designarchitecture, building and structure designyoung design, and designers from all over the world compete to win the prestigious platinum award. If you are interested, many more categories are listed here.

Every year the contestants are judged by a board composed by relevant members of the design world (more info about the methodology can be seen here). The prizes for the winners include a series of benefits such as a free exhibition, the yearbook inclusion, an extensive PR campaign, world design rankings inclusion, a gala-night with important names in the business, marketing and consultancy support, feedback notes by the jury, content syndication and placement on IDNN & DXGN Networks, blogs and magazine communications, newsletter announcements and many more.
To get all the details and infos about the competition, take a look at the A’Design Award & Competition’s website.

If you want to compete with designers and artists from all over the world, you can sign up to the awards here.

Remember that the deadline for early submission is June, 30, and the winning design will be announced on April, 15 of next year. Just Something will obviously publish the awarded works in a dedicated article.

2012 Gala Night
2012 Gala Night
The certificate
The Yearbook
The awards and the certificate
Eternity – Urban bench design – by George Drakakis, one of 2014 winning designs
Aesop Installation – Retail, installation design – by Cheungvogl Architects Ltd., one of 2014 winning designs
Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island – Architecture, Hotel design – by Aedas, one of 2014 winning designs
Miscea KITCHEN – Sensor faucet design – by Rob Langendijk, one of 2014 winning designs
Rising Moon – Pavillion design – by Stanley Siu, one of 2014 winning designs
Leuven Beer Packaging by Wonchan Lee, one of 2013 winning designs
Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ by Chris Garcin and Andrew Farish Smartstreets Ltd, one of 2013 winning designs
Nissan Calendar 2013 Calendar by E-Graphics Communications, one of 2013 winning designs

If you want to step into the competition, sign up to the awards here.