92-Year-Old Retired Vet Dedicates His Life To Making Wheelchairs For Disabled Dogs

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Dr. Lincoln Parkes has lived a long life and he’s dedicated much of that life to caring for animals in need.

Parkes has worked as a veterinarian for many years and has helped countless animals when they needed it most.

Now, at 92, Parkes is retired, but he’s chosen to spend his retirement doing what he loves most: helping animals.


Even though Parkes has hung up his white coat, his love and compassion for animals live on, and Parkes is happy to be able to spend his golden years focusing on his passion.

Parkes has founded a company called K-9 Carts, which produces wheelchairs for disabled dogs.


Parkes spends his days designing specially carts for animals in need, and nothing makes him happier than seeing a pup light up with happiness after being fitted with a new wheelchair.


Now that he’s retired, Parkes can put all his time and energy into K-9 Carts, but he began producing doggy wheelchairs long before he entered retirement; Parkes has been creating wheels for dogs in need ever since the 60’s!


It all started when a man came to him with a paralyzed pup.

The dog had been hit by a car and had been left paralyzed from the waist down and was unable to walk.


The distraught pet-dad didn’t know what to do and was considering euthanizing his furbaby.

The poor pup’s quality of life had dropped significantly and the pup was getting very difficult to care for.


But Parkes had an idea.

He built the paralyzed pup its own little cart and took the pup out for a test drive.

Parkes and the pups pet-dad took the pup to a field and threw a frisbee.


They watched as the pup rushed after the frisbee, jumped, and caught the disc mid-air.

It was truly a lifechanging moment.

Parkes’s cart had given the pup its life back, and Parkes had found a new calling in life.

The rest is history.


Parkes founded K-9 Carts and has been changing disabled pups’ lives ever since.

Parkes’s custom makes every cart to make sure it suits each dog’s needs, and it’s obvious how much he cares for every little pup who crosses his path.

And even though he’s 92, he’s determined to keep on working and keep on saving lives.


Parkes is an amazing man and a true inspiration.

He’s saved so many lives, both as a vet and thanks to his puppy wheelchairs, and we’re absolutely in awe of his compassion and dedication.

He’s been highly praised online and has restored many people’s faith in humanity.