90% Of People Can’t Find The Hidden Panda In Less Than 30 Seconds. Are You In The 10%?

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Christmas is already gone, but there’s still time for most of us to enjoy some days of vacation before the new year begins.
Assuming your brains are refreshed by the relaxation of these days, we want to test your responsiveness with this festive puzzle.

A few days ago, artist Gergely Dudás posted on his Facebook page this funny drawing of a group of snowmen, and asked his followers to spot the hidden panda.
It may seem simple, but it looks like most people had to look at the image for more than 30 seconds before finding the panda.

So here is the drawing, are you able to solve the puzzle?

90% Of People Can't Find The Panda Hidden In This Puzzle In 30 Seconds. Are You In The 10%?