89-Year-Old Woman Knitted Over 450 Coats For Shelter Dogs To Keep Them Warm During Winter

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With all the bad news we read on the internet everyday, here’s something to bring back your faith in humanity.
Dogs Trust rehoming center in Basildon, England, has recognized the efforts of Maisie Green for knitting and donating approximately 450 blankets and sweaters for the dogs at the shelter over the years.
89-year-old Maisie Green’s favorite hobby is knitting, and she has a deep love for dogs, too, which is why she has been knitting blankets and coats for abandoned and stray dogs at the Dogs Trust shelter. According to a volunteer at the shelter, it takes her three days to knit a blanket and one day to make a coat. She knits while watching TV and then several times a year, Maisie Green and her family visit the shelter to drop off her donations.
Dogs Trust has been working for 128 years taking care of stray and abandoned dogs. They run 20 rehoming centers across the UK and one in Ireland, and organize fundraising events and many other activities to make sure all the dogs under their care stay happy and comfortable. According to the Dogs Trust Facebook page, they are the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to give the best care to all the dogs, bring them back to a healthy condition and then find them a forever home. They don’t support putting down healthy dogs and whenever dogs can’t be rehomed, they take care of them and provide all their needs.

Meet Maisie Green, the 89-year-old woman who knitted over 450 coats and blankets for shelter dogs over the years, and donated them to Dogs Trust shelter in Basildon, England.

Rescue dogs waiting for a forever home at Dogs Trust couldn’t be happier to have these coats and blankets keeping them warm and cozy during cold winter days.

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