8,000 glowing balloons will recreate the Berlin Wall on the 25th anniversary from its fall

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Berlin is about to celebrate the 25th anniversary from the fall of the Berlin Wall, and for this event artists Cristopher and Marc Bauder designed an incredible installation made of 8,000 11-foot-high light balloons, that will form a 15 kilometers long glowing line on the old route that divided the western and the eastern parts of Berlin.

This majestic installation, named Lichtgrenze will be put in place on November 7th and will divide Berlin in two ideal parts until the evening of November 9 at 7pm, when the helium-filled balloons will be released to take off and fly in the Berlin sky for about 12 hours.

Many people who applied as “balloon patrons” will have the opportunity to attach their personal messages to the balloons giving, if possible, an even deeper meaning to this event.
More info: berlin.de

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(h/t, photos by Daniel Büche)