70-Year-Old Woman Sees an Aggressive Stranger On A Train. Calms Him Down In The Most Unexpected Way.

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In a world like ours, where everybody is led to think and live in a selfish way, is so easy to forget the importance of an act of compassion and kindness, but luckily for us there are still people who make a difference without even knowing.

A 70-year-old woman saw an angry and aggressive man on the SkyTrain to Vancouver. He was moving erratically, screaming and shouting at other passengers. Predictably most people minded their own business and didn’t try to stop the him, until the septuagenarian woman did the most unexpected, and most obvious at the same time, gesture she could do, simply reaching out to him and gently holding his hand. Surprisingly, the man calmed down immediately.

Ehab Taha, a Facebook user who was sitting in front of the woman and saw the entire scene, told CTV News that “She didn’t try to grab him or anything like that, she just reached out her hand and waited until he reached back. They held hands for 15 or 20 minutes until he arrived at his stop.”
After the man walked out of the train, Ehab thanked the woman for her compassion and asked her why she reacted that way, “I didn’t want him to feel so alone” she replied, “I’m a mother, I have two sons around his age and life puts you in hard circumstances sometimes.”

We should all learn from this woman. Sometimes small gestures are the ones that make the biggest different in the world.
(h/t: mymodernmet)

70-Year-Old Woman Sees an Aggressive Stranger On A Train. Calms Him Down In The Most Incredible Way.

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