4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They’re Protecting The Body Of Their Friend Hit By A Car

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Dogs are, by nature, social creatures. They long for family, friendship and community, and they are incredibly loyal and loving.

Their incredible faithfulness has become one of their most celebrated traits, and dogs are known to be deeply protective of anyone and everyone that they consider family.

Unfortunately, millions of dogs all over the world are currently homeless. These strays lack the safety and comfort of having pet parents and a home of their own.

Some of these strays turn to each other for love and companionship and form their own packs.

The pack becomes their family, and the pups love each other deeply.

And if anyone doubts the depth of that love, they just have to watch the heartbreaking video of two pups mourning their pack member who was hit by a car.

A stray pup sadly lost his life after crossing a road in China. The pup was struck by a car, and his lifeless body remained in the middle of the street as cars kept driving around it.

Four of his packmates rushed to his side to help and protect him. In a devastating video, one pup is seen nudging their dead friend to make him wake up.

The pups faithfully guard his body while they wait for him to wake up.

Nobody stops to help them, and they have no intention of letting go of their friend.

It’s truly a heartbreaking scene, and it’s a stark reminder of just how deeply pups feel love, and how deeply they feel loss.

Online, people have been deeply moved by the mourning pups.