36 Of The Best Dog Tweets Ever

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There’s just no way for us to start this year without celebrating the good hearts of our loyal and loving dogs. We will never forget about all the times they made us laugh our hearts out and cry tears of pure joy last year, and we are eager to see more from them in 2019. From heroic doggo stories and their unending rivalry with the feline fam, to their weirdly adorable and absurd tactics, they never fail to make our day. So to celebrate the magic they bring us day after day, we present to you some of the best dog tweets ever.

1. This charming babe.

2. This glowing queen.

3. This little cutie.

4. This giant fluff ball.

5. This pissed pup.

6. This little tater tot.

7. This majestic beauty.

8. This adorably guilty pug.

9. This breezy boy.

10. This cool fella.

11. This avodoggo.

12. These cute BFFs.

13. This adorable tandem.

14. This lovely lady.

15. This playful mutt.

16. This furry scientist.

17. This little angel.

18. The cutest backpack ever.

19. This handsome prince.

20. This little helper.

21. This dazed doggo.

22. This furry camouflage.

23. This grateful darling.

24. This little floof ball.

25. This little dork.

26. This proud doggy.

27. This charming sleeper.

28. This respectable mutt.

29. This little collector.

30. This adorable critic.

31. This quirky little lady.

32. This happy rescue dog.

33. This pinecone collector.

34. This peculiar party.

35. This thoughtful darling.

36. This attentive class.