33 Pastry Chefs Who Are Definitely Nailing This Whole Decoration Thing

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Mistakes just part of life, but they could also be extremely hilarious at times. If you are a pastry chef, one of the worst things you can do in your job is completely misunderstanding the message to place on the cake, and these decorators probably did the worst mistakes ever. From absurd misspellings, to literally observed instructions, this is as bad, and hilarious, as cake decoration can get. So put your hands together for these 20 pastry chefs whose decorating mistakes will be our source of insane laughter.

1. In celebration of the day you finally did it.

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2. Congratulations!

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3. Should this be worth celebrating?

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4.They said cap, not cat.

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5. You’d figure it out.

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6. This cake will stick with you forever.

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7. They didn’t have time to Google it.

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8. If miscommunication was a cake…

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9. This cake will give you a headache.

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10. Is Christmos getting married?

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