The 32 Funniest Text Messages Cats Would Send, If They Could Text

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Every cat lover’s dream is to be able, for at least one moment, to see what’s on our fluffy friends’ mind. They’re so fascinating and mysterious that humans still can’t totally figure them out.
Luckily for us, brilliant Catster writer Angie Bailey imagined dozens of hilarious conversations she would have with her cat Mittens, if he could text. She started to collect them on a blog, and they got so popular she even wrote a book about it.
If you have a cat you’ll surely recognize his behaviors in the following texts, with Mittens trying to wake up “his” human at 2 am just to play, or asking Angie to borrow him 350 $ to buy an expensive gift, just to use the box.
We’re sure whether you’re a cat lover or not these will put a smile on your face.
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