31 Ellis Island Immigrant Photos From 100 Years Ago That Remind Us The Beauty Of American Diversity

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The current situation of immigration in the United States brings back memories of better times when the country welcomed those who sought refuge within its borders. For sixty years, Ellis Island in the state of New York was the getaway for millions of immigrants aiming to gain entrance into the United States. This reality was very succinctly captured by an Ellis Island clerk named Augustus Sherman. Although an untrained photographer, he was able to catch over 200 photos of the many immigrants he meet in Ellis Island between 1905 and 1914. Take a look at a few of his photos below and revel at the diverse ancestry of our America today.
(h/t: all-that-interesting)

1. A man from Algeria

2. A woman from Guadalupe

3. A Hindoo boy

4. A woman from Romania

5. A Sami woman from Finland

6. A man from Denmark

7. Women from Guadeloupe

8. An Algerian man