30 Cats Who Went To The Vet And Have Everything Under Control

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Cats don’t like vets, and that’s pretty much a fact, but the furry balls in the photos below take the meaning of “self-control” to a whole new level.
Their reactions range from the awkward attempt to become invisible, by hiding behind a computer monitor or a trash bin, to the desperate effort to disappear inside the sink.
Obviously, none of them managed to escape from the vet clinic, but all of them definitely managed to make us laugh our heart out with their genuine reactions.

1. My cat was afraid of the vet, so he hid

2. My cat’s face when the vet took the temperature

3. No easy way out

4. Our cat had to have her belly shaved at the vet. She is not happy

5. My friend left her cat at the vet’s office overnight

6. Is the vet still there?

7. Coworker cat was misbehaving at the vet, so this was his solution. Cat wasn’t into it.

8. You are not gonna get me out of here

9. Cat trying to be invisible to avoid the vet’s visit

10. Going stealth mode