27 Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns That Show Us What Society Doesn’t Want To See

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We are supposed to be the wisest among living creatures on our planet, thus the weight of preserving it for the future generations is on our shoulders. We have to accept that every negligent thing we do to the environment adversely affects other creatures. Whenever we throw trash in the sea, buy products tested on animals or garments made from animal fur, the toll is taken upon the animal kingdom. One way of spreading awareness about this issue is through ad campaigns that promote the preservation of our planet and the animal kingdom. In the gallery below there are some of the most powerful animal ad campaigns that show us what society doesn’t want to see. Perhaps a glimpse of the reality can awaken our senses, empowering us to respond to the call. Scroll down to see these thought-provoking and heart-wrenching ads that speak for the suffering fauna.

1. You See A Dog. He Sees A Home.

Advertising Agency: DDB

2. Horrifying vs. More Horrifying.

Advertising Agency: DDB

3. What On Earth Are We Doing To Our Planet?

Advertising Agency: UncleGrey

4. Same Pet, Different Owner. Adopt A Rescue Pet.

Advertising Agency: TBWA

5. Sewing Patterns.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

6. Help Us Fight The Effects Of Cosmetic Testing.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett

7. Stop The Wildlife Trade.

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby Werbung

8. What Will It Take Before We Respect The Planet?

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy

9. The Future Is Man Made.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett