27 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen

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How many time have you been home alone with no will to cook your meal? I usually end up making the same sandwich time after time, just to ask myself why I didn’t choose to go out for lunch.

These 27 amazing food hacks will make eating so much funnier you will wonder how you did before knowing them.
I’m looking forward to taste the eighth one and the ice cream sandwich. Which is the first food hack you are going to try?

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1. Brilliant idea for breakfast


2. Cheesy bread hack


3. Perfect ice cream sandwiches everytime


4. Use an electric knife to remove the kernels


5. Easy cheese sticks

via: imgur.com
via: imgur.com

6. Melted banana split


7. Pancake pops


8. This is going to change everything

via: imgur.com
via: imgur.com

9. Brilliant