26 Google searches that reveal the ridiculous stereotypes we hold

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Rega Jha published on BuzzFeed this hilarious list of Google searches that reveal a series of stereotypes that the world holds towards each population.
It turns out that so many historical cliches are still popular nowadays even if they obviously don’t have a real reason to exist anymore.

Whatever your nationality is, please don’t feel offended, this is an ironic article and doesn’t reflect JustSomething.co’s thoughts.

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1. Chinese: white, rude, Asian, and smart!

enhanced-buzz-8959-1380727677-29 anigif_enhanced-buzz-12357-1380739688-45

2. Swedes: tall, square-headed, happy, tan.

enhanced-buzz-12106-1380729335-37 anigif_enhanced-buzz-1396-1380729372-16

3. Israelis: white, racist, beautiful, and obsessed with Tony Soprano.

enhanced-buzz-2248-1380727516-18 anigif_enhanced-buzz-22523-1380729615-33

4. Canadians: afraid of the dark, arrogant, annoying…but nice!

enhanced-buzz-22504-1380727516-10 anigif_enhanced-buzz-23714-1380729773-13

5. Brits: rude, attractive, angry, and sooo mean to Americans.

enhanced-buzz-3404-1380727531-36 anigif_enhanced-buzz-23598-1380729843-13

6. French: dirty, stylish, and possibly racist.

enhanced-buzz-466-1380727531-41 anigif_enhanced-buzz-23100-1380729941-16

7. Italians: loud, mean, and dark.

enhanced-buzz-24356-1380727531-11 anigif_enhanced-buzz-2970-1380730191-21

8. Turks: white, big-nosed, racist, and social media savvy!

enhanced-buzz-1471-1380727546-19 anigif_enhanced-buzz-32465-1380730633-5

9. Thais: all about those cats and dogs.

enhanced-buzz-22979-1380727546-11 anigif_enhanced-buzz-983-1380730731-6

10. Iranians: pretty hateful, apparently. But they’re OK with pork.

enhanced-buzz-9862-1380727547-10 enhanced-buzz-15868-1380731416-18

11. Germans: hobbies include digging holes, liking poop, hating America, and drinking warm beer.

enhanced-buzz-23163-1380727559-18 anigif_enhanced-buzz-18962-1380741302-15

12. Egyptians: worship cats, hate Obama.

enhanced-buzz-3347-1380727560-25 enhanced-buzz-24545-1380735049-13

13. Ethiopians: fast, hungry, skinny, and fair.

enhanced-buzz-716-1380727560-19 anigif_enhanced-buzz-15778-1380735405-8

14. Vietnamese: all about those nail salons.

enhanced-buzz-2790-1380727579-40 enhanced-buzz-13482-1380735786-0

15. Filipinos: rude, weird, short, but proud!

enhanced-buzz-23220-1380727580-10 anigif_enhanced-buzz-24000-1380736047-15

16. Japanese: weird, short, skinny, smart.

enhanced-buzz-24389-1380727603-28 anigif_enhanced-buzz-26727-1380749516-29

17. Mexicans: ghetto, short, white, loud.

enhanced-buzz-10978-1380727603-36 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14020-1380740311-28

18. Russians: bad drivers, crazy, rude, homophobic.

enhanced-buzz-10728-1380727604-27 anigif_enhanced-buzz-2198-1380737110-22

19. Nigerians: may or may not be good in bed, black, and faithful.

enhanced-buzz-23725-1380727617-6 anigif_enhanced-buzz-11995-1380737329-6

20. Pakistanis: both Arab and not Arab. Also Asian.


…And also white.

enhanced-buzz-8958-1380727657-31 anigif_enhanced-buzz-15378-1380738551-6

21. Bangladeshis: dark, ugly, short… beautiful.

enhanced-buzz-24382-1380727618-26 enhanced-buzz-12956-1380738923-11

22. Indonesians: short, Muslim, dark, rude.

enhanced-buzz-23666-1380727658-11 anigif_enhanced-buzz-28751-1380738976-29

23. Brazilians: beautiful, annoying, black, pretty.

enhanced-buzz-23800-1380727658-7 anigif_enhanced-buzz-23921-1380739085-20

24. Indians: Asian, black, white, and caucasian.

enhanced-buzz-9916-1380727676-29 anigif_enhanced-buzz-1329-1380739640-4

25. Koreans: hot, good at games, and “good at lol.”


But hold up. Are Koreans really just…Chinese?!

enhanced-buzz-2724-1380727690-45 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14020-1380739860-21

26. And, finally, Americans: stupid, rude, tall, lazy.

enhanced-buzz-9861-1380727718-24 anigif_enhanced-buzz-13543-1380740151-57