26 Funny Photos Of Cats That Never Fail To Put A Smile On Our Face

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Cats are our little, fluffy, unpredictable, selfish, cynical but always adorable friends. At a first glance, people who don’t own a cat might think that all they care about is themselves, and they just make use of their humans to satisfy their needs.
People who own a cat, on the other hand, know that this is only partly true. Cats do love their humans, they only do it their very own, and unique, way.
During the time they spend with us, they never fail to give us a smile, and these 26 funny photos of cats are the proof.

1. The world’s most interesting lamp according to 5 cats, a stuffed pig and 2 guys on the TV

2. “Saw this cat fueling up off of the interstate. They’ve clearly got the essentials and are not looking back.”

3. “Goodbye, Mufasa, I’m King now”

4. When there’s a ladybug on the ceiling

5. “My cat always watches my girlfriend taking a shower”

6. With all the places he can sit on…

7. No questions asked. I’m plant now.

8. Bat or cat?

9. Escaping from the vet

10. The most glorious warrior

11. Wife and cat

12. Excited about his new toy

13. Comfy cat

14. They like to rest like this

15. Cats are liquid

16. To much effort with that roll

17. Breakfast is ready!

18. “I’m trying to teach my dog to respect the cat a little bit more”

19. He’s literally letting himself go…

20. “How cool is thiiis!?”

21. Christmas with a cat

22. “My cat got a styrofoam ball stuck to his nose… needless to say, he was not amused.”

23. Cats are just too cute when it rains

24. He loves to rest in plastic bags hanging from a door knob.

25. Little cat iz angry

26. Camping with a cat