25 Images That Will Totally Please The Perfectionist In You

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Perfectionists are quite hard people to please. They have set high standards upon personal output and seek excellence in every single thing they do. With that being said, living in such an imperfect world full of people so different from them must be pretty frustrating. If you are a perfectionist, we have good news for you! We’ve cared enough to gather photos of things that are properly ordered, color coordinated, accurately measured, precisely positioned, and strategically sorted, just to synchronize with your way of thinking. These photos serve as pick-me-ups for your instant peace of mind, so indulge and please that perfectionist in you.
(h/t: lifebuzz)

1. A literally balanced diet.

via: tumblr.com

2. A gradation of caffeinated ice cubes.

via: tumblr.com

3. An exhibit of Carla Hartman’s PEZ collection.

via: tumblr.com

4. A perfectly arranged meal.

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5. A colorful citrus gradient.

via: wrightkitchen.com

6. Perfectly squared suitcases.

via: michaeljohansson.com

7. A book shelf in pastel gradation.

8. A checkered meal.

via: instagram.com

9. Aesthetically organized rocks.

via: prokopbartonicek.com