25 Genius People Who Took The Instructions Way Too Literally

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Ever had the urge to dish out a sarcastic remark but had to bite it back? Or maybe you’re obliged to follow through with instructions and do it resentfully. Or perhaps there are just some weird and far out details people demand from you. A better way to respond? Take the high road and simply poke fun, do it in spite, and have a few well-deserved laughs out of it! Language is a funny thing when you take it literally, and there are numerous loopholes you can find to get away with a lot of things. Check out these genius people who totally owned it!
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15 Times Bad 'Cologne' Spelling Made Things Totally Different

1. Quality service right there!

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2. We wouldn’t appreciate it, either.

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3. Well she DID say to put it 120 degrees…

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4. When you’re bilingual and #triggered

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5. Buy 1 Take 1 for the win!

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6. They should have been more specific in the instructions…

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7. Too clever for mom

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8. It’s the little things that count, I guess?

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9. Photos with selfie sticks are the best!

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