24 Times Accidental Was Much Better Than Real Art. #5 Is Just Amazing.

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Artists put all their effort, talent and craft in their art. Sometimes they have to wait weeks, months or years for the right inspiration, but in the end they manage to deliver amazing visual art.
These 24 pictures prove that it doesn’t always take years to make great art, but sometimes just a fraction of a second or just a little mistake are enough to create some of the most beautiful accidental art ever possible.
After looking at this gallery, you’ll probably agree that sometimes accidental art is even better than real art.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. An accidentally artistic volcanic eruption

via: reddit.com

2. The sink is so beautiful with acrylics

via: imgur.com

3. The last sip of coffee looks exactly like a forest

via: imgur.com

4. Deer created by mistake, but still amazing!

via: imgur.com

5. This accidental paint mix is pretty much as beautiful as the whole ocean

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6. This sink in Japan looks amazing with these acrylics

via: reddit.com

7. Black and White effect is always outstanding

8. When accidental drops are trying to say something

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