24 Pictures That Are Just True No Matter What

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Similarities are always great conversation starters. We find it amazing to just be able to relate to something at the same level. And what better things are there to discuss and relate to than daily life realities and struggles? From the most basic way of washing a spoon, to crazy life hacks, to the complications of answering an exam, we all have that similar, more often than not funny experience. The pictures below depict a variety of life situations that will surely help you get a conversation started. So help yourself to these photos representing daily struggles that are real enough for everyone to relate to.
(h/t: buzzfeed)

1. We all have it

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2. Every single time

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3. Literally everyone

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4. Expectation vs. reality:

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5. Tetris for adults only:

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6. That sneaky little spoon:

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7. There has to be a certain pattern:

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8. The struggle is real:

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