24 Old School Struggles Today’s Kids Have No Idea We Had To Deal With

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In this day and age, we are hardly surprised when some new technological advancement surfaces. We’ve become so accustomed to technology and the constant upgrade that few remember what it was like back then when the internet was young and phones didn’t fit comfortably in one hand. Kids nowadays can’t even tell what a first generation iPod is! We often wonder how they’d fare if they faced the daily struggles we were used to deal with but they’ve never encountered. To all the 90’s folks out there, brace yourselves because this will be quite a throwback for you.

1. Back when texting was such a struggle and you couldn’t make a mistake, else there’d be a lot of key rage

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2. Purses were bulkier because one device, one purpose. Yikes.

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3. One movie, two tapes. Go figure.

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4. Music lovers know the struggle!

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5. And TV fans too

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6. Cameras were much less flexible

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7. And GPS didn’t exist

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8. And you had to do the computer equivalent of an archaeological dig to find a file

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