24 Hilarious Life Struggles That Are So True They Hurt

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Life has its ups and downs, and day to day life can sometimes get too complicated and mundane at the same time. It can get too much real quick, and then we find ourselves left with a pile of dishes to wash on the kitchen sink, an empty fridge, and running late for an important meeting. Relax, we all had one of those days. From the simplest struggle of falling asleep to the pits of relationships, here’s a list of life’s most common struggles that are so true it hurts. Take a look at the examples below, pick a favorite, and share it with your friends!

1. Admit it, we all do this:

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2. And this:

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3. And turn into concert kings and queens in the shower like this:

4. What failing as an adult looks like:

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5. But you just don’t care anymore:

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6. Too smart to trust perfect ratings:

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7. When you find the portal to the multiverse:

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8. Where you imagine a much richer self, so you won’t have to:

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