24 Cats Who Should Probably Reconsider Their Life Decisions

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Cats are generally believed to be clever, but like the rest of us mortals, they’re prone to making terrible life decisions. Not exactly the brightest in the animal kingdom, we often catch them in awkward situations. With their natural sass and attitude, it is often very amusing to see them in less-than-ideal positions. Whether stuck inside a too-small carton of cereal to hanging onfor dear life, cats provide entertainment by simply being their clumsy imperfect selves. Even with their feline reflexes, that law of physics still apply to these feisty furry friends!(h/t: distractify)

1. “Get me out of here, human!!!”

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2. “I knew I should have stuck with climbing a tree!”

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3. “You wanted something sweet? Here I am.”

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4. “If I could just… yea… nope.”

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5. Peek-a-boo:

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6. Too sleepy to care

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7. He probably regretted that…

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8. “I didn’t see that coming”

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