24 Brilliant People Who Turned Everyday Struggles Into Works Of Art

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The truth of life is that things break and nothing is permanent. We all have things we treasure that are broken, but we have to remember that being broken doesn’t make it any less valuable. Yes, not all things can be fixed but, when something gets broken, you pick up the pieces and rebuild. It may not look and feel the same, but it is certainly its own piece of art. It’s just like the lessons we learn from our mistakes: the cracks add more character and a story. Scroll down to see 24 brilliant people who fixed things in the most creative way.
(h/t: lifebuzz)

1. Turning disasters into fond memories:

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2. Fixing library walls with books is only apt:

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3. Helping out the kids’ creative expression:

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4. Patching up a damaged couch with a bit of lace:

5. Creating a desert scene on a cracked wall:

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6. Sewing the broken pieces back together, literally:

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7. Glam up dirty old heels with glitter:

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8. “Fixing” a dent with a sharpie? Watch: