24 Brilliant Inventions Every Lazy Person Will Love

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Our lives are hectic and there are just certain things we don’t have time to do. You know, things like working out and making our own food, or even sleep. Sarcasm aside, there are plenty of tools nowadays to make daily tasks simpler and quicker to do. There are, however, a few of these tools that are a bit too… “extra” in the sense that only the terminally lazy would actually use them. Can’t say they aren’t functional, though. Here are a few tools that would make the lazy person’s life much¬†easier.

1. Who really needs a gym membership when I can create my own abs right on my couch?

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2. Because actually petting pets require too much effort

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3. And playing with them, too.

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4. Automatic scissors, in case your fingers are too tired

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5. Ice cream cone holder that twirls for when you’re too tired to actually lick the ice cream

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6. and you’re too tired to twirl pasta yourself

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7. And cutting bananas takes too much time

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8. Also, if you’re going to get up, why not hit two birds with one stone, right?

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