23 Animals Looking Like They’re Going To Drop The Best Album Of The Year

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Album covers make the first impression of any artist’s album. They’re ofter designed to have a meaning, and depict the mood and feel of the album in picture form. This is why each album cover is unique and enigmatic, and looking at these photos it looks like animals would be the perfect subjects for any album cover. They’re so photogenic with their natural fierceness and their gorgeous natural coloring and texture. Caught in the right moment, they give looks worthy of a Grammy.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Red Hot Chili Cats

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2. Backstreet Birds

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3. Cows And Roses

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4. Cat Zeppelin

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5. The Nut Boys

6. Bon Pony

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7. Monkeynem

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8. Linkin Panda