22 things creative people do differently than the rest. If you’re creative, you will understand…

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Creative people are different. That’s it. There’s something charming and irresistible about them, somehow they manage to see the world from another perspective, and the things they do, the decision they make are just different than what the rest of the people would usually do.

But what really makes creative people stand out from the crowd, and Which are the struggles they face everyday?
The following list is dedicated to all the creative people out there, and why not to all the less creatives as well, because in the end, we are all creative in our very unique way.

Here we go, with the 22 things creative people do differently than the rest.

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1. They get inspired at the least expected moment.

They can’t decide when the next big idea will come. It just will, in the least expected way, at the least expected moment.

2. They daydream. A lot.

They are here, but they’re not. They can fly away with their mind at any given moment during a conversation. Don’t be mad at them, it’s just the way they are.

3. They get easily bored.

They need to stay stimulated in order to stay active. They won’t focus on something they don’t like. Call them ADHD or whatever you like, this is just part of their genius.

4. They watch the world with the eyes of a child

There’s a part of them that never grows up, and maybe this is the real secret, observing the world with the eyes of a child.


5. They will fail, and you can be sure they will try again

Life it’s not always easy for a creative, especially for the professional ones. They will fail one thousand time in their life, then they will rise and succeed, only to fail again. Every creative, even the most successful one, has failed and has been rejected one million times. But they finally did it.

6. They are told to get a real job

It’s not easy to be accepted as a creative, especially when your loved ones expect something different from you. Real creatives will follow their dreams.

7. They will follow their heart, even if often their mind thinks otherwise

It’s said that creative people are more likely to worry less about problems and take more risks. This can brings to a thousand fails, but a million satisfactions.

8. They get lost in time

When they are creating they get lost in time and space, they can forget to eat, to drink and even to sleep. When words, colors or ideas start to flow out of their mind there’s nothing else that really matters to them.

9. They work when you sleep and they sleep when you work

Like we said at n. 1, inspiration comes at the most unexpected times. Just take it and make something great out of it.

10. Where most people see a difficulty, they see an opportunity

They can see the bright side of things, and brilliantly come out of troubles in unusual ways.

11. They fall in love with their pieces of work, and hate them the day after

This is still a mystery, but there is some kind of process that makes them extremely fickle about their creations.

12. They hate what they’ve just created, but will totally love it 12 hours later

Just like n. 11, this can happen too.

13. They are humble and proud at the same time

They are always willing to learn, but will be extremely proud and confident when it comes to their ideas and creations.

14. They are always looking to new ways to express themselves

Both if you do it as a job or you are just a creative person, you know there isn’t just one way to express creativity. If you are a photographer you’ll probably love to create in so many other ways. The same applies to painters, art directors, writers and every creative person in general.

15. They procrastinate

Give them a deadline and they will comply with it, but you can be sure they will do 90% of the work the night before the term.

16. They see the other side of the coin

They can always observe situations from a different point of view.

17. They don’t like boundaries

Rules and boundaries are not for them. Many popular creatives in history have even been labeled as rebels.

18. They often don’t like numbers

They are brilliant and can really amaze you at times, but try to let them do the math and you will be surprised by how much they dislike numbers.

19. They are great observers

They often are great people watchers and notice even the smallest detail. People and basically everything can be the inspiration for their next idea.

20. They always make new experiences

As we said before, they need to be stimulated to stay creative. Is there a better way to escape from routine by trying something you never did before?

21. They do it all over again

No matter how far they’ve come with their last creation. If at a given point they don’t like, they won’t think twice and will trash it just to start all over again. And again. And again.

22. They love

They love. Everything. They love life, they love people, they love emotions, they love animals, they love beauty. They can stay in silence watching the most beautiful sunset they’ve ever seen, or be excited for the next big art exhibit in town.
No matter what, their love for life is contagious, and if you have some friends like this, stick with them. They will make your life a little more beautiful.

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  1. There is a massive flaw in this that baffles me. There is a not so subtle implication (see point 18) that math and/or science lacks creativity. The vast majority of these points could be applied to every semi-intelligent person in the human race. This makes some good points don’t get me wrong… but they seem more aplicable to what most of the world… again pick how you define creative… would like to see themselves in many regards. Even a few points are contradictory take point 3 vs. point 8… indeed everything is boring until you find the thing that emrthalls you at which point the rest of the world ceases to exist. Again though… I’d like to point out this clearly hints to the perspective of what one should expect from the typical artist and discounts the artistic side of the mathematician, the computer programmer, the chemist… that perhaps while not fine artists in a classical sense are modern world artists.

    • I agree. The lack of definition for “creative” is problematic, and I find the creative/not creative dichotomy troubling.

      • The need for definition for “creative” is problematic. The creative transcends the need to be labelled creative, while the rest sees only in black and white dichotomy

    • I agree with you in the science/math point. I have always found Math and Science extraordinarily beautiful, even if I’m not particularly good at them myself. Art and creativity come from everywhere, not just in colours, but also in the rules that make up the universe.

      Another one that I don’t entirely agree with are the ‘artists don’t like boundaries’. As an artist myself, I LOVE boundaries, because they give me something to push off of and grow from. If someone says “Make a piece of art” to a bunch of people, they’ll likely make what they’re good at and comfortable with, and it will all be beautiful. But if they say “Make a piece of art, but only with your feet”, then it will all still be beautiful, but it will also be challenging, and any art resulting from that will, to me, be more amazing.

      • I wouldn’t call what you described as a boundary in the sense as what the author is trying to get at. I call that more of a challenge, that does of course place boundaries on you but not in a way that will make the creative process any less fun. The boundaries I believe the Author was talking about is maybe more about, you have to work in this certain way, work to this workflow, work within these hours. There is a limit to the boundaries that can be set that will not impede on the fun creative process of creation, UK Exam Boards know all about this as they like to make everything so boring and creative!

      • I don’t like boundaries. I think of the boundary issue as some of the things you are taught have to be done a certain way. Why do you have to do things that someone before you determined was best for them? What made their work or ideas better than yours? Why is it necessary to limit yourself in this way? If it doesn’t work, just start over again. Never say you need to color within the lines at all times. How boring and predictable.

        • Very nicely said Anna you are one with a mind of beauty and no constraints and think outside the box. People of academics say you must think one way and this way only and that’s why they can’t figure out so many things but it takes a true creative person the is not the run of the mill to figure out what some professor say is the one and only way you can figure out stuff. Boring! Albert Estien thought outside of the box and was brilliant and broke the boundries and is now talk about to this day not the academic individuals that said he was all wrong and his way of thinking was crazy.

          • Breakthroughs are created by creative people not followers because they can’t stand of how they were trained so they because self deprived of great advancements and never really make a name or revolutionize they way people think.I have read books on many excellent artists and creative genius persons that were not willing to conform or have boundries. Like Walt Disneyland, Nicolas Testla, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Divinci,Steve Jobs and many others.

        • I completely agree, although for me,, setting boundaries is a challenge! When someone tells me it has to be this or that, I go out of my way to expand the outcome 🙂 I’ve been gifted the nick name of Rouge. ….And I adore it.

      • I think each statement is relatively accurate in its defining of ” creative persons”, however, everyone is different so they may not possess every character trait that is stated here. For the most part, I can say all of them fit perfectly for me and I am sure for others “right brain dominant” thinkers. I think what the writer is trying to imply is that when most are creative, there are no boundaries, in terms of logic, simply because there are no boundaries with the imagination. Logically speaking, all ideas doesn’t sound sensible or logical to most because they surface deeply from the psyche of brain storming , appearing as obscurity to a world that sees things only on the surface. Then when the idea is actually expressed and manifest in some way, the illogical suddenly become logical. Sounds logical?

    • Even if most of the world wants to see themselves this way not all of the world is this way. People should accept who they are. Being a creative person is awesome. I am a photographer and painter and I see life through a child’s eyes and I do love even the smallest of things. However, all of my closest friends are engineers and medical majors. It is very clear out differences. I tend to be a optimist and they tend to be more synical. It’s not to say they don’t appreciate the small things in life because they do but they tend to see things as black and white and when you are a creative mind you can almost always find a grey area.
      Logical thinkers like scientists may be coming up with new and creative ideas but they are trying to prove things. Creative people don’t care about proving scientific facts. They care about creating something. They care about telling a story and getting people to think. They aren’t so much trying to prove something but rather just change the way in which the people around them think and feel. A painter uses colors to evoke emotions. A writer creates characters for readers to identify with. A photographer captures things we see every day in creative ways. As a photographer I love it when people say they hate something or they think something is ugly because in the right lighting or from the right angle you can make a message out of anything and you can make almost anything look beautiful.
      Scientists deal with ideas and try to form facts had theories. Creative minds could care less about facts and theories. There is no limit to what they can do when they come up with a good idea. Even if it’s impossible. Even if it defies the laws of physics they can write about it or paint a picture of it and then share their creative and impossible ideas with the world.

      • I’m cynical and see most things in black and white but I am also incredibly creative. I play multiple instruments, write, draw etc so this article is sort of puzzling as to what it is trying to prove here.

        • Creativity cannot be earned. Being a writer or a painter or whatever will not grant you the status of creative. You have to be born with it. And being logical isn’t bad at all, it’s just not as intelligent.

          For example, a logical person will see the line from A to B. They will find the shortest route to B, they will see a new way to get to B, but they will never go past B. Creative people on the other hand, will go past B, and to a C. C’s don’t exist according to logical people, but creative people see it from the moment they start living. The most creative will go past the alphabet. But you can’t gain this new vision by getting a job.

          • Ana, well said. I notice the smallest detail and always find beauty in something that most would consider unattractive. The writer never stated that creative people do not find scientist or numbers interesting. He stated that they OFTEN DON,T LIKE NUMBERS and fickle about their creations. Science consist of biology, variables, the ecosystem and things that are always evolving over time. Creativity can transpire from those things that are always created, but those that have an innate ability as a gift doesn’t have to see anything in its original form, but seek to create that which ceases exist to exist in the conscious. Verbally lucid, but mentally absurd? I believe because their creativity is inspired not only by the world and environment around them, but by the expression of those thoughts in some form or fashion. He simply I am am optimist and never see black and white and God forbid someone ask me something. It sounds vague unless several words were used to be specific. There are always exceptions to the rules, always a grey shaded area and always another way to go over, around and through what most consider the norm. Actually, there is no norm for me, it just may socially acceptable.Life is beautiful and creativity allows one to find liberation in thinking outside the box instead of being restricted/bounded by social norms.

          • Logical is just not as intelligent? My daughter and I are very creative, but truly enjoy logical pursuits as well as the formal study of logics. We are both honor students and good at science and math. That was an unfair generalization.

      • I think you see it this way because you are an artist… creativity comes in many forms. This article seems to portray photographers, painters, etc. as creative people and everyone else as just boring, straightforward people who follow rules. Science is ALL ABOUT thinking outside the box. If scientists weren’t creative, new discoveries would never be made. Scientists don’t just deal with facts.

        I find this article a little ridiculous because it tries to clearly define what a “creative mind” is, which is sort of paradoxical. You seem like a very creative person, but artists shouldn’t think that they are the only creative ones. Everyone has different talents and shows their creativity in different ways.

      • Ana, I’d like to disagree – I have been painting and drawing my whole life, and could not imagine life without expressing myself in these ways. I have been often told to go to art school, but art has always been second nature, so I chose to learn something else I was interested in greatly, science. I am also a PhD student in Botany and I’ve exhibited my illustrations, and I feel I am adept at both. I do not like this stereotype that scientists have limits in creativity or that artists do not care about scientific fact, and I believe I am an example of a scientist and and artist, and that art and science do not have to be exclusive. I get much inspiration for my art while studying science. People are not one-dimensional and polar, we are diverse beings with diverse skills and interests.

        • Totally agree, Taszja. Today it is becoming increasingly common that artists, engineers, theorists and so forth have a balance of creative flair and logical thinking. More the point it is a demand within many industries. I also find it quite troubling that this article paints creatives as happy, well adjusted beings that love life and love people. Of course that is not always the case.

      • Ah well I am an engineer, artist, and president of a makerspace. I am always looking for ways to exploit physics to express myself. I program and solder and well make. I find things like op amps fascinating. The theory behind FETs. I have blown glass, won best of show in photography competitions, but the beauty of subtle redirection of electrons fascinates me. There is an art to every craft, and the mathmagical structure behind it all is what I want kids to see when I support STEAM programs.

      • What are you talking about? Science is absolutely creative. The universe contains endless possibility. So much to ponder; so much to see. Thousands of different angles, perspectives, points of view. Numbers applied to define how much or little of something creates a certain outcome. So many different theories to toy with. Continuing to gain knowledge of how the world works so we can turn our fantasies into reality; create the world we desire.

      • I think been creative is to see everything in life easier, our decitions are made without any fear and you make it thru without any problem most of the time. I am not artistic creative but for sure I can see in any situation a different way to do things less complicated with almost any information or explanation just using commun sense.

    • I totally agree. Number 18 is totally NOT true!

      I’m really good at maths and besides really creative. I study Industrial Design Engineering. It is a really technical and creative study at the same time, which is a perfect combination for me and a lot of other students.

      A bit of nuance, please. It is not black or white.

    • Yes, I absolutely agree. I think they haven’t heard of “The Renaissance Man”, or the polymath, meaning “one who has learned much”. The typical Renaissance Man has an extensive knowledge of literature, the sciences, and philosophy, as well as being a polyglot. He also was involved in the arts, painting, music, playwriting, poetry, or all of the above. The Renaissance Man also was exquisite in courtesy and manner, and often a chivalrous ladies’ man. I hope to be able to fall under that category, and I hope that I can still be creative even though I understand math! I mean, I love music (I play 4 instruments), and I’ve been getting into sketching and photography lately. But numbers don’t kill me.

    • How about architecture? From what I know of it, you have to know numbers to make sure the building doesn’t fall on people, and yet some architects certainly make their houses works of art. Check out this house by Frank Lloyd Wright:

    • I see where you are coming from but I feel that this cheapens art and the artist and the modern notion that everyone is artist, which is nonsense. One maybe creative but it doesn’t make them an artist. Picasso was an artist; the computer programmer not so much.

    • So this comment about math is true, even though, yes, there are brilliant and insightful mathematicians. Math tends toward the linear/logical way of thinking through problems. This is the art of taking things apart to understand them (reductionist).

      Most artistic types are non-linear thinkers who “put things together” (or see things in context or “relationally”, thus they come up with different kinds of answers to difficult problems. This is why they create the unforeseen, since creative thinkers pull things into the conversation rather than simply working inside the problem space.

      I say this as a creative type work in aerospace, my primary skill is cartooning, my area of expertise is making conceptual overviews of very complex ideas (I’m a systems analyst who draws). NO I don’t do math (I find the math gets in the way – and there’s always someone around to sort out the math so it’s no big deal).

      No, math is not the enemy, it’s just a tight little world where you get your answer by following tight little processes, not by reaching into the un-explored space.

      Of course It’s important to note that the truly brilliant mathematicians are considered brilliant not for their solving skills, but for their ability to ask the unconsidered question, to start with (that reaching thing again), which comes before the math in actual fact.

      • Clearly you have not experienced pure maths and the process of coming up with NEW abstract structures, new theorems and FINDING proofs. It is is the farthest thing from a linear process and it does require a lot of creativity. Most people only get to experience the most specific and restricted applications of math. Saying that is all that math is like reducing the Greek language to its alphabet. The book “Proofs from the book” is an excellent example for those with some math background.

    • Understand that the writer probably didn’t intend to imply that math lacks the ability to be creative, but STANDING ALONE, yes, mathematics holds no real creativity, as it produces very little of anything new or valuable, as the definition dictates. Math has too many boundaries for it to create anything, generally. It’s an exact science that is built by previous knowledge, therefore it allows no creativity.

      HOWEVER, when a person’s OWN creativity can utilize math to solve a problem in a number of different ways, therein lies the creative aspect. So, it all depends on the person applying the math.


    • I found 18 a little bit odd too. Classical artists like DaVinci and M.C Escher were as fascinated by math and science as they were with creating artwork. There is a certain way that math and science translate into artwork that is incredibly unique and beautiful… fractal art is a great example… I think math, science and art all sort of need to hold hands. 🙂

    • The problem with maths, phisics, chemistry (not so much with this one) etc, is that you spend a lot of your time learning about things already know or experimenting to get a certain/known result. Creativiy, for example drawinng or making music, is about discovering new things, making a painting or a drawing or writing a song and coming up with the music to go with it. It has no boundaries and no “laws”. That’s why I, considering myself a creative individual, would rather spend my time writing novels and sketching instead of memorising math formulas all day long and then using them. I do see the magic in maths but I am not appealed to them nearly enough to stay exited about learning more on the subject. See point 3.
      Sorry for the long reply. I will end saying this, in my humble opinion everyone becomes what you call a “typical artist” when they find (a) form/-s of art they love and everything is art, even though there are less and more creative types of art.
      Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did and have a nice day.

    • I think one of the problem with numbers (and this could just be me) is the “right and wrong answers” part. (Boundaries, Structure etc…) A big part of me says “Who said???” and “WHY”?

    • Hey I totally agree! All the points are me expect for #18 math! I am very good with mental math – particularly addition. Mental math is a way to imagine the numbers and solve without writing down. Imagination is tightly related to creativity.

    • Creative people get bored when forced to plod along at the speed and following the steps of some standardized activity (like school – which tends to be a very programmed space and oriented around a certain “median” target student type).

      Creative types are famous for getting into trouble due to boredom in these situations, and I agree with the article where some of that is labeled ADHD and drugs prescribed (chemically subjugating an otherwise bright thinker) which is another subject.

  2. TOTALLY disagree with 15, 17, and 18. That’s SOME creative people but certainly not all. I don’t think Einstein was bad at math and procrastinated, but he sure was creative. Anyway, the rest are spot on.
    Everyone’s creative. It’s just that “creative people” haven’t been shamed enough to agree to turn off their creative flow.

  3. Many of the greatest artists in history have been mathematicians and scientists and inventors. Da Vinci for one. I have a science degree and my mathematical brain helps me with my art. Things like algebra and science encourage thinking differently about the world in the same way that art does.

  4. There are loads of non-creative painters/photographers, and the best scientists and mathematicians need to be very creative. Expressing your emotions or view in a pretty way isn’t very creative when those ideas are already thoroughly explored in that way/style. There are plenty of artists that approach art in a logical way, not always even focused on self expression, and produce great art. The biggest difference between a science and art is art is always subjective while science strives for objectivity.

  5. Hey! I totally disagree with them not being able to do math! Numbers and mathematical functions can expand creativity as well, why are they put as two distinct matters?

  6. A good list of a truly creative person. Seems like a lot of people consider them selves creative because they can figure things out by following time tested routes to a conclusion…not so. Try this definition of creativity from Toronto Art Scape…”an on going, circular and multi-dimensional process of discovery, exploration, selection, combination, refinement and reflection on the creation of something NEW.” Not all artists are creatives…not all creatives are artists.

  7. Let other people say whatever they want, but I totally agree with the article. I have 2 persons in my family who fits all the 22 characteristics. So I personally know this.

  8. There’s a typo in the third reason! I know you meant part instead of “par.” Sorry, I’m OCD like that and it was exasperating me this whole time.

  9. I disagree with the title of this… I’m not creative.. don’t have a creative bone in my body not unless you count me creatively working with my pain (fibromyalgia) and my need to rearrange furniture and my plates.. (I have beautiful plates) and many of these points are not things creative people have a market on… love.. i love deeply.. deeper than most I’ve come across.. I daydream a lot.. I get lost in my own little world.. I love seeing the world from the largest scale to the minute.. I see the beauty in most things.. even in things people see as ugly.. i see some spark of beauty there.. I don’t like others boundaries.. I have had to learn to live with boundaries inflicted on my by my body..

    I always try to see the different sides of things.. I’ve been the go to many of times in my past to help people through issues because I tend to understand both sides… and i can get the people to see the other’s view..

    I’ve been told I see the world like a child does.. that I have the curiosity of a child.. i think it is because i see so much out there.. and i rarely tune parts of the whole out.. I want to know how it all works.. how it ticks.. because it is so beautiful..

    the points in the article shove creative people in a box.. what creative person wants that?

  10. I would have to disagree with this list. I mean several of these points can describe creative aspects in most people, creative people can be exceptional at math for instance. I think this is a strictly defined ‘creative’ as an artist of sorts, however in science, you can employ numerous creative solutions to problems. Also, sleeping schedule has little to do with creativity. I know pleanty of creative people who sleep 12-8, just as several who are up until 4 or 5 in the morning. I feel like the author fancies themselves creative and wrote a list about how they are… not very creative.

  11. For the most part these are stereotypically romantic assumptions from outside point of view. Not all creative types are ethereal, here-now-gone-tomorrow flakes. There are those of us who are alot more disciplined and complex enough to balance the realities of paying the bills and our creative drive.

    • Sara I am all those characteristics stated above..I am complete artist I can write poetry and compose music I am fascinatesd by little things, my mind works overtime, guess what I was never good with math and science,but I studied chemical engineering which was the biggest mistake of my life due to external influences i have been lost for years tryin to live someone else’s dream now I know who I am…straight and simple I AM AN ARTIST

  12. This is the description of the modern mediocre guy with no talent pretending to be an “artist” living at home with parent’s money. A real artist is a person who is talented, sensitive and works a lot to create “art” not only to create the figure of an “artist”. A real artist could easily do math because he can handle difficult tasks (Piero Della Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Wolfgang Goethe where scientists and artists at the same time). A lot of people believes that hating math is something cool that makes you creative and free, but if you can’t do math you probably can’t paint or write because creativity needs a powerful brain, and a powerful brain can find solutions of math problems or programming problems as well as “creative” problems. Obviously there is always a predisposition toward some fields, but this do not means that for a creative person is ok to be a disaster in math. This is why artists of today are ridiculous in comparison to those from the past.

    “Good, he did not have enough imagination to become a mathematician”.

    —Hilbert’s response upon hearing that one of his students had dropped out to study poetry.

    • Now that’s quite rude, I am a writer and I like drawing and painting. But I’m not good at math. Sure I can handle everyday basic math but that’s it. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need math to be a good writer. I don’t need math to paint or draw. It doesn’t make you a lesser artist. Because most humans are hardwired differently, some has a brain that’s good at math, it can see patterns and understand abstract concepts of numbers. Others has a brain that’s hardwired for languages, they can learn a language by ear, they usually have a feeling for what their own language can do. Both of these kinds of people can be creative. They just approach it differently.
      Saying that modern artists are no good and comparing them to some of the history’s greatest artists and investors are both rude and cruel. Let me therefore mention some other artists from history that were great at their thing but not much else.
      Mozart, he couldn’t do anything but make music, great music but he had no other skills.
      Shakespeare, he wrote amazing stuff. He enriched a whole language.
      Strindberg, a writer and a journalist but also a complete jerk to everyone.
      Proust, looked himself away, did nothing but write till he died.
      You don’t need math to have a great imagination, it doesn’t have to be the same process. A writer can create a whole world in the mind and then make a book out of it. A photographer can take everyday mundane things and turn them into art. An artist can look at something and paint it from any chosen angle. Math can do great things and those people who turns it into their jobs are intelligent. But so am I and a lot of other people without being able to solve a math problem more difficult than the basics.
      My world are big, how big is yours?

      • The problem is that a lot of people hates math because it requires sacrifice and effort. If you can’t handle basic math problems there are two possible possibilities: 1) your brain is not enough powerful to grasp basic concepts (rather improbable) 2) math requires sacrifice and you are stuck in a “lazy zone”… a lot of people thinks that being creative is the “easiest” path. There are more art or literature graduates in my country than engineers.”Math is hard, c’mon writing is easy, let’s be a silly writer or an idiot artist, let’s tear down a canvas or spraying colors on it just because i’m a creative person”. This is just stupid. Each single skill needs practice and effort, and if you are able to practice and make efforts to reach a goal you can handle math as well. I’m not saying that every creative should love math, but Mozart was an awesome genius and i think that if you put him in front of an high school math problem he would definitley be able to handle it with few hours of study. Because he was used to put his brain under effort. A lot of people can do math even though they think they can’t. Maybe math could not be your main aptitude but refusing entire fields of knowledge like math or chemistry just because you are lazy is like saying “i’m fat because of my genetics”.Just excuses. A real artist is not a silly weirdo that do what he wants, he is a person that uses his brain, his inspiration, his creativity to create something that no one else can do. If you are a good writer you are definitely able to grasp mathematical reasoning, but you just don’t know your potential.

        • In my country (Italy) professors scares child with incomprehensible math problems since early age. They are really scared i swear! And when they grow up they think that math is not their field and prefer to do art or “creative” universities where exams are easier. They should not be easier!!! An art majors should be hard as a math one…Every field needs fatigue and struggle, but i’ve seen academy exams where the task was to throw color-filled baloons toward a blank wall. This is offensive to me as a painter that spend every night to learn to paint like a master. This is offensive toward all history of art and creativity. Creativity is not something easy and relaxing, creativity is the highest level of human brain. Is the capacity to go beyond reality limits and make abstract reasoning. Creative persons are a “bridge” between what we think as “real” and what is “divine” “perfect”. They are not so common…

  13. It’s interesting to read all these comments.

    I think everyone can create something in their own unique way.

    The important part is that everyone tries to see and understand the other person’s perspective.

    I don’t think creativity is just confined within arts.

    But this is more of the stereotypical “creative” person.

  14. I see so much of myself and my new book in this article. Keep trying; don’t give up. We are all creative and can learn to tap into our hidden resources.

  15. My add:
    And the squares or A4 minds like to define that as “Bipolarity” because they are too square to understand the meaning of creativity. I guess creative minds get easy sick when they are surround by them too often. Zzzzzzzzzz

  16. I was about to cry when I read it!!! Oh my God I thought no one can understand me!!! My parents and families or even love ones told me so about finding a real job!!! f**k off!!! what I’m doin is more than a job!!! I rather die in starvation than having a nice job, a lot of money and pensions… and I’m not into it!!! another thing!!! I drop my my math subject… I saw my Math teacher twice only!!! I do day dreaming everyday!!! oh no!!! I have a lot of things and stories to tell better take a psycho on me!!!

  17. Awesome post! Especially #9! It’s all me! I get what most of you are saying about the math/science, and I do agree with this post. I’m a Web Designer and Developer at times. Unfortunately sometimes there’s math involved. I’m not horrible at math, but I hate problem solving and numbers. However I know I’m good at math, when I put my brain to it. There are some that are very lucky to have a love of numbers and/or science and still be very creative, but it’s a rare combination. Usually it’s one or the other. Not to say that if you hate math/science, that automatically makes you a creative person, it doesn’t but it’s a possibility. Their are lots of creative fields besides art/drawing, such as Web Design or Web Development (which is actually a creative science, IMO)

  18. I’ve always been considered creative and can relate to much on this list…

    But this writing is incredibly smug. If I were reading this and could not relate to most of it, I’m fairly sure I’d go away and think how arrogant creative people must be, ’cause they sure seem to be if this list is accurate.

  19. Ummm, ever heard of programmers??? Creative minds that manipulate numbers to achieve their goal.

    These are highly skewed for artists in the sense of drawing/painting/sculpting. There are many mediums of art that include math and numbers: Photography, programming, graphic designing, construction, home improvement, baking, engineering, etc… People in those fields have to enjoy manipulating/calculating numbers, otherwise they won’t succeed or enjoy what they do.

  20. I agree creativity let us go further, explore the world and it’s nice to see that nature is all about creativity but don’t forget everbody is creative, some of us get to the ideal postion to “build” a living of it but everybody is creative…. we just forget that most of the time.
    If you good have just time…. you will discover it !

    • I’m sorry, but some people in this world are the exact OPPOSITE of creative. While anybody CAN be capable of creating something new and valuable, more people LACK creativity than those who don’t. Creativity and mimicry have become synonymous over the years, but just because someone can replicate someone else’s work, doesn’t mean they’re creative. And today’s world is filled with copies.

  21. Ugh. Kumbaya stereotyping and utterly superficial. As an artist I cringe at this list. Creatives, as true creatives know, come in all shapes and sizes as does the variety and scope of their work and processes. Without this diversity art is merely accounting.

  22. This is going to sound stupid but I have always loved art and think of new ideas for paintings etc in my head, but when i come to doing the painting i love to use a photograph to in a way copy from, maybe change some colours etc. So therefore if I am copying from the photograph is that really creative or does it just mean you’re observant.

  23. Utter bs.

    Having to telk someone to have a job is as important. You do what you do, I’ve seen many strive to run a race car while caring a job.

    And also seen a person strive to work to write their book.

    So basically this article just feeds to thw necessity of the lazy?

    Yeah taking a job you don’t enjoy to strive for what your passion is….isnt something to be made into utter bull.

    Ive worked hard slaving at jobs with others in the food industry, but at least I can say none can commit to the this…. its just written down reasons to be lazy. Because those I have know and as well am, are nothing to this.

    And yeah peopke good in math, especially engineers like I am… we are so creative…. inventing the new tonorrow so you can iphone app yourself to no end….

  24. I think that there are multiple ways for a person be creative, it doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to an art form. People seem to associate writing with a more creative brain, but numbers actually requires just as much creativity. Its pushing a part of your brain to new limits and inviting a sense of emotion during the process, whether it be joy, frustration, sadness, all of these prove that their is passion within your desired outlet.

    Creative people do have the ability see beyond the restricts of A and B, but this can be done is many different ways. To excel in any aspect of life, it requires both creativity and discipline its that simple. i think its key to be aware that your creativity will be enhanced through your discipline, and the gratification you get through your creative product or process, will hopefully automate the discipline.

  25. I’m a professional artist, at 27 years old, *most* people, the people closest to me, told me not to quit my corporate design job to follow my real dream of being a fine artist. Well I did it anyway, and now I make more money than I did sitting in a cubicle hating my life, the best part is that it’s up to me, work hard and learn as much as you can and you will be successful. But of their own concern and fear the people closest to you can definitely get you down, don’t let them. As far as math I always pretty good at geometry and formula based equations, math is its own language, like music, and is very fascinating.

  26. Agree with most of this except… and this is a MASSIVE BIG EXCEPTION… the comment about being easily bored. I find the world – from the big things to the very smallest – so freaking inspiring and interesting that I can honestly say I am NEVER bored… I would need a billion years to get all the ideas out and down on paper or canvas! 🙂

  27. Some of these are correct but I have major issues with the last one. I don’t “love” all people and living things. In fact many times most people absolutely annoy and piss me off to NO END. So yeah… wrong on that one.

  28. Right out of the gate, lists that seek to neatly cubbyhole types of people aren’t very creative. This one panders to self-described misfits as much as strong creative thinkers. As a creative director, I’ve worked with both. We are ALL “creative people.” Otherwise, we wouldn’t be universally delighted by imagination, inspired by artistry, and appreciative of problem-solving. Personally, I can’t imagine a world without the number 3 in it. And, boredom is more often the result of a lazy or unimaginative mind than a creative one. It’s creative *expression* that challenges and intimidates in our culture, so much so that many don’t attempt it, then dismiss themselves as being “not creative.” Opportunity, training, encouragement, success all feed creative development and nurture the creativity in all of us. It’s in our DNA to be creative. It’s our environment that brings it to the surface.

  29. The problem with this (and the reason I probably wouldn’t share it) is that creative people don’t fit into any kind of neat category or description. Much of what is in this is indeed true, but not all creative people can be described entirely by the traits listed above. Creativity really does defy description. Some creative people, for example, are very methodical and goal oriented. Others are completely spontaneous. Some love math. Others hate it. Some are neither here nor there.

  30. You are not as creative as you may think if you didn’t get the concept of this article. It is clear to me that the word creative was a concept to portray anyone that is creative at its core. A pure form of creativity.

    This article point out creativity in a general way to portray what is like to have a deep creative mind. It didn’t restrain the concept to a special field of study or art. Obviously anyone can be creative in his field or in is domain. The idea goes further than auto claiming that you are a creative person. Creativity is your essence, your life. You couldn’t survive if you couldn’t create. Whether its finding the next big formula or painting the next Mona Lisa.

    Ayayaye… People have such a hard time with the concept of conceptualization. Very great article between.he I relate with all of them.

  31. To everyone QQing about science not being creative and other things, your right but what you need to understand is that this list is directed at people, who yes are like me. People who dare to illustrate, write, visualize or even create our or someone else’s wildest fantasy or darkest nightmare. Now as stated above by TTMM7 “Not all creative people can be described entirely by the list above.” And its true but alot of creative people CAN be described by this list. It just depends on the person and who they are and what type of creative genius -they- are and alot of what this list says is true. Most specifically about the part of ADHD or ADD (Attenion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder) but that’s besides the point.

    The point is, just because it dismisses science in this post, doesn’t mean science isn’t another form of creativity. Rather its just a form of creativity under a different category of thought process.

  32. Science is a combination of creativity and logic. In order to prove the unknown you need to think creatively ‘outside the box’ combining this with the foundations that uphold your creative right to dive where no one has before. Ideas are brought on by a stimulus, whether its subconscious or conscious. If you where born into a world with no inspiration, whether it be an event or memorable image. Your boundaries are unset therefore nothing can be proven. This is of course if the boundaries are cemented into the very world as we perceived. As Albert Einstein had courageously set the stepping stones for the way many people live there lives today. So what i’m trying to say at the end of the day every situation is different, and almost every subject that we learn has creativity in it. To group people in the way this article has above is stupid, and one of the very simplest thing we learn in school is everyone is different.

  33. As an creative myself as long as I can remember, I am always rather suspect when there are definitive descriptions about the way artists think and behave. Making generalizations perpetuates myths and misconceptions and misunderstanding. We have more than enough now.
    We are all individuals, who all have creative capacities that we are born with. Making generalizations tends to put people into a stereo typical slots.

    Catherine Meyers

  34. I’ll comment on it in detail, but, this article is’nt about “creative people” only, it’s more about unstable people, but people like me are rare, and a lot more productive and able to own good systems with a lot of people like creative procrastinators that could be thrown away at any desired second, or at our will. And if that reality is not yours, you have a superior that will ruin everything, be sure you could be so much more ahead without this type of people as the head of your business or situation.

    Let’s go:
    1 – I’m a competent person, so I’ll get inspired everyday, and everytime that I’ll need to get so too.
    2 – I do daydream, but I do it when I’m not working, people that dream too much are often very good as being losers..
    3 – I actually can get bored if I’m particularly idiotic, or needing to sleep, life needs interpersonal role play, so if one does that and isn’t a woman, that one is a stupid one and a hell of a poor person that will not get the spot that is required for stepping forward.
    4 – Ah yeah, I really see the world as a child, I’ve trained into doing so since I actually was one, I learn at every second in my life, people often like to describe me as “naive”, they are foolish, I could be a criminal and they’ll never dream about it, but I’m not idiotic at the point of being a psycho, people don’t really can know me, I say that I’m stable, but don’t even me do really know my self, I learn about me and about the world everyday, I create a lot of it too, thus I’m not only creative, I’m a creator and dominator, simple a that.
    5 – Yeap, I do fail, but since I’ve started to making my way, I’ve learned a lot about not failling, I’m still so damn resilient.
    6 – I actually have a real job (actually I own some companies), creativity is not meant to be the actual fountain of money, cause what causes actual money to come in, is named profit, I’m very creative into making new business, but this requires real making of a company, and it’s not suposed to be really as I think I would love to see it, I’m a person with real spectatives, my real dreams are part of reality, my mental dreams can be purchased with this real business money.
    7 – So, I have a heart, it beats, that’s it. My dreams are at my mind, it really sparks, my mind is more powerfull than any machine in this universe, I’ll tell you what, I have problems with calculus, I’m not that linear thinker, I’m a wholethinking mind owner, right? That’s it, I’m a creator, I dream with my mind and I see and create reality, I built what people would love to dream about, that’s it.

    8 – Yeah, I get lost at time, that’s why I use my clock for timming my day.

    9 – I’m not only at college, I’m actually at College and building real businesses, If I wasn’t at college I’d probably have the same time for working and the time I spend studying for working too, so, I work when you sleep, and I work when you’re working too, and believe me, I work better than you.

    10 – Well, that’s about economics, right? Hell yea, I’m damn good at doing it, people see me as a genius at this type of times, but, I’m under the mensa level, I have an ego, see? I’m here for nothing, actually I have to study for college tests, and I’m here, no worry, I’ve got the solutions right here, for this time and ever.

    11 – Well, I’ve dropped at arts at elementary school, it looked like a gay thing for me, so, I work, and I still see it as an art, but I’m never all in that love with it, Aesthetically I always love my work, but people don’t know too much about aesthetics for everything, people really are stupid about it, and theres another part of my work that I love: The technical part of it. There’s nothing which can be questionated about my works, cause I’m always technically right, that’s damn effing good.

    12 – Well, hmmm, I always hate what I’ve created, cause it always means a lot more of work to do, and I effing always love it, cause it’s always technically right, and most of times aesthetically great too, I love it and hate it, that’s because I’m a wholethinker, like all the time.

    13 – Well, as I’ve described it before, I have some quite psychopatic traits, and the part of being humble is quite confusing about me, cause I’m numb when it comes to fear, I don’t know really everything about fearing, and I’m not used to respect people’s space if it’s not described and clear to me, I didn’t realized about it much time before now, it wasn’t more than 3 years ago. But the fact is that I’m always at my place, I don’t mean to cross where I’m not intended to, I’m fearless and a great entrepreneur. I only can say that I’m humble, talking is eazy. I can fool everyone by talking whatever I want or need to, but I’m always learning, testing, building, studying. It’s really strange, I can fear not while being not confident, I’m not a risk taker if I’m not confident of a real win-win situation, but if the cause is a win-win, then I’m a great risk taker and I’ll kick some a**es for sure while I respect the opponents all the way throught.

    14 – Well, I’ve done it for so much time, and it happens automatically, I often like to be around people that are like me for this type of action, it’s a game, not an obligation.

    15 – I do procrastinate, but this is another play category for me, and I’m a responsible person, so the hours of my day are always counted, and I have a limited time to procrastinate, I often consider people that procrastinate freely as stupid, actually this is stupid, not an obligation, before organization in my life I did it freely, now I do it when I can, as now, three days, and the hours are counting, this is responsibility for people like me, wait for some 10/10 stuff in my tests, and I do it at business too.

    16 – Yes, I can see it, actually I’m most of time an amoral person, I use the yin-yang stuff as a whole, people that are like me are often good at polictics, I’m particularly being an libertarian for now, we know more about life, we understand Machiavelli, we play it well. But, I’m qquite convinced that people like me are too moralist, cause they often live the negative aspects as people that suffers, I’m not an satanist, masochist, or anything like that, cause people like these still know the moral part of it, which is commonly described as bad, so with me there’s no such bad thing, I’m not in favor of atheism for example, cause there’s not a bad thing in people believing in a god that could perfectly not really exists, people could often blame on gods their problems and prevent their own suicides and this is actually a good thing, see? That’s why I’m free enough for being an creator and solutionator.

    17 – Well, that’s why I am the solutionator, cause there are boundaries every effing where.. In polictics, we know that if a person wants to be free, that one will have to be at the middle of nowhere, alone and without any help from anyone, < This is freedom, no boundaries and etcetera, so, it's reality, I'm not a collectivist at my basis for now, so I'm not a revolutionary (Althoug I really think I'm going to change it, and am willing to degrade my morals, for life's needings, I know, it's on my behavioral mapping, at least I'll know how to control it in a part of it, poor me no? I guess so, haha)…
    Well, after the logical solution, I have to do real work, and there's when I create the actual solution, there's no revolution, I'm not sharing, people that get it free turn to be stealers, I pay for my freedom, and I usually employ and fire people that think that they are revolutionary, they can be profitable for me, but they normally get out of their powers… I consider power as a coin, so, I'm really elaborated at it.

    18 – Well, I'm not technically the best at numbers, but not for numbers, for linear thinking it self, I guess I do think in a linear way, but I never see the actual calculus' part of it, I do often have an extremely surprising memory, so to think in a linear step-by-step way is demanding to me, I can get 10/10 at any math test, since I could work with my memory, as I'm never anxious, I can get into it, but if someone try to teach me by route, I feel like if that person is trying to treat me like a dumb fool, I can leanr the theorethical parts of anything, I'll could do it after ten years, but I simply can't do shortcuts at it, an it's not that good, cause nobody got free time for math in life…

    19 – Well, it's called digit-span, I have a great damned good capability for it, I'm great with memory too, which could help me to find anything, I know how to use different parts of my memory too, If my mind fails, I know how to write it, how to draw it, I could often say it without picturing it, My visual memory is not good if I didn't liked it aesthetically;

    20 – This part is for kid's? I haven't free time, when I had it, I've done, but now it's quite childish looking for me, I can't resist it always, cause i can turn a monday in a better day than a given party at an intesting day, but, creativity isn't only embedded at new environments or situations, I usually rserve the new things for other people to know, cause when I mind it, I already know the aspects of it.

    21 – I do things all over again, and it have nothing to do with "liking", I do think twice, I think a thousand times about it, if a stupid person aside me don't see it, I'm makin it clear right now, I think, you stupid nonthinking person. AAAnd I can make it all over again, and again ever, I often like to multiply it, I don't like destruction and I really hate stupid and destructive folks.

    22 – Well, I love, but I'm a grown man, if I was a woman, it'll be normal for me to love everything, but it's not, I'm a complex person, I love, I hate, I respect, I teach, I know, I learn, I manipulate, I feel sorry, I'm alive, that's what I really love, I love to be, not all that self-centering, but I like it open, not only for me, I love life, even if it's not that perfect, we can perfect it today or tomorrow.

    That's it, bye!

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