22 Sleepy Puppies Who Are Just Too Tired To Care

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What could ever be a more adorable sight to see other than a slumbering little puppy? If you own a dog, you know you can’t deny that. But for those who are not quite convinced about it, we can’t help but showing you exactly what we mean. There’s so much peace in those sleeping puppy faces that they will remind you of the carefree dreams you used to dream as a kid. And if it sounds a bit exaggerated, just let these 22 photos of sleepy puppies do some convincing magic for you.

1. Adorable little Winnie in slumber.

via: reddit.com

2. This little angel deserves some rest.

3. This glam sleeping pose is on point.

4. This little baby cuddled to sleep.

5. This quirky sleeper.

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6. Had to rest after that morning run.

7. No, I’m not moving.

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8. We could lay like this forever.

via: reddit.com