21 parenting fails that will make you cringe. #14 is probably the worst ever!

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Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, and even if you try your best to be a good parent you will probably commit an undefined number of mistakes.

However, there are different kind of errors, and I really hope for your kids that you are not like the parents featured in these photos, because they’re probably some of the worst parents ever.
It’s hard to believe that some people can really act in such an irresponsible way.

Even if this post should be tagged as “funny”, please don’t you ever do this kind of things to your kids!

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  1. How are #21 and #22 fails. Using these harnesses is just so easy and safer than having to run after them into the street. The other ones are big fails, totally agree.

  2. #22 is not a fail its showing the exact reason why some parents need the help of a harness to keep their kids safe. Having a runner & escape artist is scary.

  3. I agree I fail to see the problem with the child harness. Those are for safety. I used those for my youngest 2 children. They used to like to run on me. I can’t tell you how many nasty looks I got for using them. My 4 year old son really doesn’t use his anymore but he loves his backpack buddy. I always got the kind with the animal like backpack. 🙂 safety 1st!!

    • I agree. My son got lost in the mall for almost half hour. Never been so scared. I didn’t have the harness but one of the expandable wrist bracelets. I had several people make nasty comments about how he wasn’t a dog. That’s right that’s why I am taking every precaution to keep him safe. Your a good mom, harness lady.

  4. I have some serious sympathy for the mom in 22. I know exactly what that feels like! 1 kid throwing a tantrum and putting the breaks on and another trying to run. The struggle is real sometimes when your babies are stair steps!!!

  5. If you are to lazy to hold your child hands to bad for you. I think it is horrible to put a child on a harness they are a animal or a dog. Should be a law against that.

    • So when you have a three hour layover because she is obviously in a airport with two kids that want to move you’re saying you would have the patience and and energy to hold two kids still. Come on really?? Speaking from personal experience mine kids thought it was a fun game and they were safe and hit to burn of some energy. When you’re in that situation by yourself then judge after you’ve handled your way successfully.

    • I agree! Holding my kids hands is so precious to me. The parent on #22 is actually making it harder w/the harness. Both her hands are available for use since she has a back pack, if she had them both in each hand she wouldn’t be a tangled up. The parent on #21 has absolutely NOTHING in his hands, he could easily hold his child’s hand or carry him! All others are fails – Some of them are just plain sad and almost make me want to cry, like the mom too busy playing the slot machines that places her kid behind her! OMG, Lord have mercy!

    • You must not have kids, my two year old has a harness I hold the leash on my wrist and also hold her hand with the same arm. The reason why is because she will get distracted by something, let go and run off. With the harness she doesnt get far. So yes while she is taught to hold my hand she’s a child and will become distracted and try to run off. It is a safety measure.

    • I have 2 kids with another on the way.while sometimes my kids will hold my hands they are only 3 and 1 1/2 and very curious with a lot of energy. If I try and hold their hands while they squirm and fight to run off it can severely hurt them. The harnesses give them some independence without them running into danger and I don’t risk hurting them by trying to hold onto them. Try having 2 kids in an airport with layovers when they are tired or cranky and have pent up energy.

      • I agree with you, having a toddler on a harness isn’t a bad thing because its for safety as much as anything. What makes the photo interesting though is that the guy has his son on a harness, while the other lady may not have leashes on her pampered toy dogs (which look to have been riding in the stroller just behind her?) No doubt that was the reason for the photo in the first place…a guy with a child in a harness, meets a woman with two Chihuahua dogs in a stroller?

    • You must not have children. If you do I hope you don’t have more then two at any point in your life, unless u plan on growing more arms and hands. Because trust me kids holding other kids hands don’t work. So please think before you reply next time. I know u won’t but I pray u have some common sense in the future.

    • Um, Jen, actually humans (ergo children) are animals…first mistake. Second mistake…”an” animal, not “a” animal. Third mistake, you forgot “not,” which I’m assuming you meant to use, since I’m assuming you meant a child is NOT a dog. You also need a period after harness, a capital “t” in “they,” and a clue about child development and behavior. Oh, “too lazy,” not “to lazy.” And I think you meant “child’s hand,” not “child hands.” Oh, and “too bad,” not “to bad.” God good!

    • My grandmother used one with my son when he was 2 because she couldn’t physically chase after him. Once he was old enough to really get that he couldn’t just run away we didn’t use it anymore.he was like 3 when we stopped. I never used it but she needed to. And he loved the little doggy backpack.

  6. Really Jen try saying that when you have a 7, 2 yr old, and a 3 month old while trying to go through a airport and your 7 yr old is needing to go to the bathroom your, 2 yr old just wants to run and explore, and your 3 month old is crying because he is hungry while you are trying to get checked in. Not so easy when you are by yourself. It is for their safety it is in no way going to harm them. Plus have you ever been holding a 3-5 years old hand and your hands are all sweaty and at the right moment that child loosens from your grip right when your in the middle of checking out at the gerocery store or tending to your other children in a busy mall and they run off? I think you should think about what these parents go through before you judge anyone.

  7. I’d rather get the nasty looks for putting my child in a harness, then have to report my child missing because he took off or because some sick person grabbed him. It takes a split second for a child to come up missing, ive been there. So if you say you’ve never lost sight of your child, your seriously kidding yourself. The others a total fails.

  8. Most of these are absolutely ridiculous! I don’t see anything wrong with the harnesses, but I never used one. My children were well behaved and I just either carried them, held their hand or had them in a stroller. Some people should never have children. I feel sorry for these kids.

  9. I don’t think the 2 on here who are saying not use a harness, have dealt with children who desperately try to seek independance. My son needed a harness badly he is was out to conquer the world at such a young age. Yes I would hold hands, carry, and so on but a child who is on misson will not make it easy for anyone around. Unless you have been there you shouldn’t but so against the harness. Shoot even my mom had one in the 80’s for us, we turned out just fine, I only remember because I was old enough to see her use it on me younger siblings. The harness is a life saver for children on the go.

    • Yeah I think that was it. lol The seeming absurdity of that situation. (A child in a harness meets two unleashed Chihuahuas in a stroller…lol)

  10. 11 and 21 is all about safety….having 2 boys todler is an adventure….old lady with dogs in stroler is too much….

  11. i havent used a harness on my kiddo yet, she’s only 16months but she has thrown tantrums because she wants the freedom to run in unsafe places! she usually holds my hand but we have another little due in August so wish me luck! my mom used to threaten us if we missed behaved in public places lol but back then spankings were not considered bad! my mother would threaten to take us to the bathroom and spank our butt! that scared me into behaving! for me, personally- i do not believe in violence .. period!! but the rest are awful parenting fails.. that poor kiddo on the bike! with the mother’s butt in her face UGHH awful!!

  12. I think “leashes” are totally inappropriate for kids. Hold their hands! Pick up your child. I have 3 boys that are 8, 4, and 3. I would hold the hands of the older 2 and carry the baby, or carry the baby, push the middle one in a stroller, and hold the older ones hand. It is not that difficult. I have held the hands of the older 2 while the baby nursed in the carrier….it is not rocket science. Leashes are for dogs, not children.

  13. Leashes are indeed for animals. Safety harnesses such as those on the kids are for the safety of the children. While some kids will allow you to hold their hand, others have absolutely no desire to. I only have one little guy, but if I’m somewhere that he could get lost because he squirms out of my grip, damn straight I’ll use one.

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