22 Hilarious Struggles People With Glasses Will Understand. #8 Is So True It Hurts!

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If you were lucky enough to grow up with glasses, you should be able to see yourself in so many of these situations.

So many years and still I don’t understand why people without glasses are so fascinated by them.
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1. Opening the dishwasher too soon.

2. Every time you try to lay down.

3. 3D glasses? So comfortable.

4. Safety glasses.

5. Every. Single. Summer.

6. The annual visit to the eye doctor.

7. Seeing a person without glasses for the first time.

8. So true.

9. When you try to drink something hot in winter.

10. The way you look after getting hit in the face with a ball.

11. Are you serious?

12. When you just don’t understand why if you are a nerd if you wear real glasses, while people wearing fake glasses are just fashionable.