22 Genius People Who Are Already Living In The Damn Future

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What is it like to live in 3017? If you want to know the answer, or better yet see it for yourselves, take a look at the following images. You may be thinking about bizarre technological advancements, eccentric fashion styles, and state of the art architecture, but the photos below are quite different. These hilarious people will show you how to live today like its 3017, and you are going to have a blast at this discovery journey. With much excitement, here are 22 genius people who are already living in the damn future.

1. This revolutionary hack.

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2. This toaster innovator.

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3. This future trendsetter.

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4. This pool king.

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5. This hack queen.

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6. This innovator dad.

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7. This futuristic way of mowing.

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8. This lazy genius.