22 Dogs Who Finally Turned The Tables On Cats

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Dogs and cats, so different but so similar at the same time. We love both of them but they divide us in “cat people” and “dog people”.
In most people’s minds, dogs often play the part of the good, but naive, animal, who often bears cats’ behaviors, just because they’re too good to rebel. On the other hand, cats are often seen as the sly, opportunist ones, who take advantage of the counterpart’s good temperament.
But it looks like things are about to change, because dogs are starting to turn the tables on cats.
Whether you are a dog or a cat person, take a look at the following image, and have a good laugh with these dogs who finally managed have their revenge on their feline friends.

If you know how a dog-cat relationship works, you are probably accustomed to seeing something like this

Or this

Or even this

Dogs are just too good, and almost never win with cats

But things have changed and dogs are starting to rebel, and some of them managed to turn the tables on their feline friends












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