22 Dogs Who Followed Human Rules So Literally They Beat The System

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Dogs are adorable beings able to effortlessly win our hearts. With simple gestures such as batting their eyes and wagging their tails, they never fail to make our days better. With this dog behavior in mind, it’s easy to neglect their clever and mischievous side, specifically in following certain rules. They can be very stubborn or just really smart on a technical perspective. Even so, there’s no reason for you to burst at them because they know the way around the system, more so the way into your heart. To show you just that, here are 22 dogs who follow the rules so literally that they beat the system.

1. Not on the couch, so in the couch perhaps?

via: reddit.com

2. Maybe if I don’t make eye contact I won’t be kicked out.

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3. I know about the rules, I’m just here to fetch Mr. Carrot.

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4. No chin on the table? How about this then?

via: dailymail.co.uk

5. I know I’m not allowed in the kitchen during dinner time, so relax,  it’s just my paw.

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6. The couch is off limits so I’ll just seize this ‘fallen pillow’ opportunity.

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7. I promise not to touch Wulfgar’s food, but maybe if I throw an act he’ll share some with me.

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8. I am well aware of the ‘no paws on the couch’ rule.

9. Okay, no paws on the desk. Just throw the ball already!

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10. I’m not begging. I just know that you know what this look means.

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