22 Curious Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World

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Maps are mainly known as graphic representations of the geographical location of places in the world. Aside from maps, other graphic representations may come in forms of graphs and charts which provide an organized analysis of a certain fact or study.
When you merge these two ways to report data, what you get are some extremely interesting maps showing us curious data and facts that help us to understand the world we live in.
Below you can see 20 examples of interesting maps that will probably give you a better outlook of some places of the world.
(h/t: mymodernmet)

1. Most Googled Information in Every State in the U.S.

via: reddit.com

2. Countries that Legalized Gay Marriage

via: forbes.com

3. Most Watched Holiday Movie in Each State in U.S.

via: cabletv.com

4. Favorite Fast Food Joint in Every State in U.S.

via: reddit.com

5. Every Country’s Most Popular Messaging App

via: chartsbin.com

6. Percentage of Alcohol-consuming Residents in each State in U.S.

via: reddit.com

7. The State of Freedom in the World

via: chartsbin.com

8. The Walking Dead’s Popularity in Every State in U.S.

via: reddit.com

9. The Status of Obesity in U.S.

via: reddit.com

10. Third Most Spoken Language in the U.S.

via: imgur.com

11. Japanese Autocomplete Thoughts on each State in U.S.

via: reddit.com

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