Australian Firefighters Are Back And Pose With Cats For 2021 Charity Calendar, And It’s Every Cat Lady’s Dream

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Hope you’re all ready for something sweet and spicy, because it is finally that wondrous time of year again!

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has returned for 2021, and that’s definitely a great news.

The dashing firefighters have put together 6 unique calendars to chose between, and though it’s almost impossible to choose between them all, we know every cat-lover is bound to have their eye on the kitty-themed one.

Adorable rescue kittens in the arms of brave and inspiring firefighters just sound like the ultimate dream come true.

The calendars are not simply a joy for to eyes either, they also serve an important purpose. Each year, the Australian Firefighters Calendar release their calendars as a way to raise money for important charities.

As we all know, this year has been extremely taxing for the Australian wildlife due to the catastrophic wildfires that devastated the country earlier this year. Over a billion wild animals perished in the fires, and many more were left injured and displaced.

For 2021, the Australian Firefighters Calendar have chosen a number of native animal charities to donate to, all of which are crucial to protecting the wildlife.

Due to this year’s situation, the firefighters’ access to rescue animals have been limited this year, and so many fo the rescue animals featured in the different calendars have been brought in by their forever families to support the cause.

Whether you want the kitty calendar or you’re craving the mixed “Animal Lover” calendar, or perhaps the very special “Hero” calendar, you can get one here.

Now, enjoy a little sneak peek in the gallery below while you wait for your calendar to arrive!