20 Uninspirational Quotes You’ll Love If You Hate Inspirational Quotes

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Realists are practical people. They would rather gather facts and think of every possible negative outcome of a decision to negate it rather than dwell on uncertain hopes and wishes. If you are one of them, you came to the right place. We’ll do you the honor of getting rid of all those fairytale-inspired quotes and dreamy pep talks because we understand you. When inspirational quotes don’t motivate you anymore, maybe you a need a good dose of sarcasm through these uninspiring but still thought provoking quotes we’ve compiled below. Not to mention the good vibes you’ll get that’ll make you cough up laughter from you don’t know where. If you think you need a little bit more, you can always head on to Uninspirational’s Instagram account, for more uninspirational quotes to get you through your day.
(h/t: sadanduseless)