20 Hilarious Pictures Proving That Cats Are Adorable Weirdos

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We know so well that one of the secrets of the feline fame is their uncanny weirdness. It’s definitely hard for us to figure it out but that makes us even more curious about what’s in their mind. When they look straight into nothingness for a period of time, or when they entirely forget about how they’re suppose to act like a cat, they awaken a sense of awe in us. Sometimes they look like they totally know what they’re up to but sometimes they just act like complete idiots. Nevertheless, this cat weirdness makes our day and we are weirdly in love with them.

1. Cats are so weird it seems like they have a seventh sense.


2. Most of the time we think like they need fixing.


3. Sometimes they forget how to cat.


4. And they just pretend to be one of us.


5. This is how they define “hanging around”.


6. And this is how they chill.


7. They sleep anywhere, anyhow.


8. Even in any position.


9. They simply don’t give a damn.


10. They hate water but they love the shower.


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