20 Funny Photos Proving That Life With A Dog Is Way Weirder Than You Think

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Many dog owners will tell you that their dogs relieve the pent up stress they have in their daily lives, but what they don’t tell you often enough is how these dogs could be hilariously weird too. Our beloved pets can somehow bring a smile to your face even when they cause some troubles. Although having a dog takes some work, it’ll also give you fun and a whole lot of hilarious weirdness day in and day out.

1. This clever dog who knows how to play her cards right


2. This dog who has a very unique taste in necklaces


3. This dog who couldn’t move because he was standing on his own leash


4. This dog whose best friend is a brick

5. This dog who thought that he found a way to get away with his shenanigans


6. These dogs whose bullying tactics look all too familiar


7. This dog who’s trying to understand how blinds work


8. This swollen puppy who thought that eating a bee was a good idea


9. This dog who’s silently judging all your life decisions


10. This dog who refuses to be excluded from the family photo


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