19 Perfect Things That Prove The World Is Still A Good Place To Live In

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We hear about lots of terrible things happening in the world every day. Even so, we do not lose heart as we continue to see rainbows after the rain through simple and adorable things that occur in our daily lives. Just like these 20 stories we are sharing with you through photos and videos, they prove that despite the chaos we hear of every single day, the world could still be a good place to live in.

1. The most adorable bunch of grapes.

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2. Different levels of cuteness.

via: kenvective.com

3. The best captcha of all time.

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4. A sweet kid in the block.

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5. The magnificent duo.


6. The most helpful WikiHow article ever.

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7. The secret message behind quantum mechanics.

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8. This one happy dog.

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9. The best mother bear ever.

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10. The proper cat call.

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