18 Hilarious Struggles Only People With Siblings Will Understand

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Siblings aren’t usually the best of friends when they are young. And if you have a sibling you’ll probably agree that most of your childhood was spent plotting your diabolical plans of ruining each other’s lives. Later in life you’ll both forget all the old fights and will always have each other’s back when you grow older. Those evil days are now, but they are always a joy to look back at. In memory of those golden days, we are bringing you on a trip down memory lane to remind you of the colorful childhood with your siblings. Scroll down and get ready to laugh your hearts out to these hilarious struggles you and your siblings will totally relate to.

1. You better hide.

2. The meaningless hug.

3. This is how they ruin life.

4. It’s my day.

5. Oh no you won’t.

6. Swift as a ninja.

7. Are you blind or something?

8. Where is justice when you need it?

9. Shut up and I’ll grant you one favor.