18 funny-shaped vegetables pretending to be something else. #8 Is just Perfect.

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There are times things are not what they seem, or look different than what they are. There are times nature plays jokes on us and surprises us in the most creative and funny ways, and this is certainly the case of these 18 vegetables, that are really looking like something different.

Have you ever seen a carrot looking like Buzz Lightyear? Or a tomato shaped just like a duck? Take a look at these 18 funny-shaped vegetables pretending to bed something else, we are sure they will make you smile.

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1. Radish and Carrot in a jacuzzi

image via: planetivy.com

2. Runaway radish

image via: planetivy.com

3. Happy bear potato

image credits: Geoff Robinson

4. Ducky or Tomato?

image credits: Rick

5. Bunny or tomato?

image via: boredpanda.com

6. Duck or gourd?

image via: quecanteo.com

7. Goose or gourd?

image via: uyirvani.com

8. A serious eggplant

image via: imgur.com

9. This eggplant welcomes you with open arms

image via: reddit.com