18 Creative Cars That Will Make You Definitely Look Twice

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Most average priced cars nowadays look almost all the same, and it’s pretty hard to find any on the road that have a lot of personality. They come in generic colors and in varied sizes but it’s not every day that you will see dolled up or bedazzled cars, save for the odd one out from time to time that is riddled with customized quote stickers and catchy phrases. Folks at Bored Panda asked their users to upload some of the most creative cars they’ve ever seen, and the response has been overwhelming. From doodled cars to colorful dashboard lights, you’ll find that indeed, with even just a bit of imagination, anything is possible. Take a look at our favorite picks among these car owners’ masterpieces and be amazed!
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Nifty way to hide a dent:

via: boredpanda.com

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger wiper flex:

via: youtube.com

3. When it’s cold outside:

via: imgur.com

4. Disney and Pixar fest:

5. BB8 rolling around town:

via: reddit.com

6. Fill it up:

via: amazon.com

7. Skeleton hand holding out the side mirror:

via: lcarsmotorcycles.com

8. Low-key witty:

via: reddit.com

9. Kitty wiper:

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