16 Photos Of Adorable Animals That Will Make You Want To Take One Home

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Nothing makes the world seem so bright as an adorable animal.

Whether it’s a chonky cat, a cuddly duck or a mischievous puppy, everything just feels better when you know the world is filled with such amazing creatures.

We could all use some good vibes right now, so we’ve collected a bunch of cute pictures of adorable animals that people have shared online.

They’re all aamazing, so let’s get comfortable, relax a little bit, and enjoy them together.

1. Ted is enjoying his very first boat ride.


2. “The shelter was clearing out and I needed a social distancing buddy. Meet my new foster Vader!”


3. Dad passed out after a long day with the kids.


4. This affectionate pup keeps kissing pups he sees on his walk


5. Nobody can resist a chonky little piglet.


6. Working feels better when you’ve got a puppy to keep you company.


7. This tiny, fluffy little bunny is melting our hearts.


8. “This is Oliver, I found him a couple weeks ago on my front lawn, his former owners abandoned him. Most unexpected birthday present ever!”


9. These sleepy puppies look like fluffy little clouds.


10. This lady rolled up with a stroller full of happiness.


11. “Every year this mama duck brings her babies to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new peeping fluff balls.”


12. This little flamingo is learning how to become an adult.


13. This lil’ pupper is beyond fluffy.


14. “Today we welcomed Sir Winston MoosAlot to the family!”


15. This 12-week-old St. Bernard puppy can make anybody smile.


16. He’s just trying to make a new friend on the train.


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