15+ Vintage Bad Girl Mugshots From Between The 1940s And 1960s

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Mark Michaelson is a New York-based art director and graphic designer, and also a collector of vintage mugshots of men and women of all ages and races. His current collection of 10,000 photographs is a fruit of the influence he got from his father, who was a lawyer. He remembers listening to violent cases during dinner and going to the city jail to bail out clients, when he was young. His passion for collecting vintage mugshots started when he was gifted with an authentic Patty Hearst “Wanted” poster by a friend who was also into odd and unusual historical relics. Luckily enough, we can have a glimpse of some of the female vintage mugshots he’s collected over the years through the gallery below. If you want to know more about Mark Michaelson and his interesting hobby, head on to Collector’s Weekly for an in-depth scoop.
(h/t: vintag.es)